January 30, 2012

Bacon Wrapped Stuffing Balls

What to do on a cold, rainy thursday afternoon in N.Y. Smoke something of course! Scrounging around the house to avoid a rain soaked trip to the store I located some bacon and some stuffing mix. We were having a pot luck at work and my co- workers always respond with the same two words when I ask them what I should cook "Bacon Good!". It has been my quest to wrap anything I can in bacon as you can tell from my recipes.

(Jalapenos, Shrimp, Stuffing= GOOD- Strawberries, Pickles=Bad!!) Easy as hell!!! Make some stuffing, store bought or your own fine mixture, cut a package of bacon in half and spread out the pieces, make swedish meatball sized balls of stuffing, place them on strips. secure with soaked tooth picks, apply rub (I used the Big Green Egg rub) and smoke. Set the EGG to 350 and close the lid for 30-40 minutes. Some will explode and some will burn but they will all disappear from the platter. Jacked up for the Stony Point Seals Fundraiser. Hudson river temp in Stony Point today is balmy 31 degrees.

January 28, 2012


Goin to a neighborhood gig tonight.  Was asked to bring a dessert. SO, I decided to cook a batch of AWARD WINNING APPLE CHEESECAKE BARS.

Here is the filling poured on the warm crust:
Notice the Cinnamon/Nutmeg apples waiting patiently to go on top!

The Crust cooks for about 15 minutes...the apple cheescake for 30 minutes....
I KNOW, I know!! There are two 1/2 pieces and I didn't take my time with the apple placement!


Gran Pappy~~~

January 26, 2012

Rub Wars

A long time ago in a backyard far, far away...

When I am not searching the net for the latest BJJ highlight videos or answering TYWBBQ fan mail from every inhabited continent on Earth I like to put on my DARTH BASTER helmet, slip into my tailored Offical TYWBBQ Apron, fire up my refuse receptacle and experiment with different barbecue rubs.  I'd love to tell you that I'm in the lab concocting combinations and grinding spices by mortar and pestle but my wife is 9 months pregnant, my son is almost two and almost insane, my pitbull makes Cujo look docile and I'm about 2 functioning lumbar discs short of a working spine right now!  Plus--there are only 24 hours in a day!  I don't have time to reinvent the wheel...but I do have time to comment on others attempts!  This is the first entry in my on going blog series...Rub Wars!  No Jar-Jar or CGI here, just the straight dope on the best rubs in the business...

Episode 1: Dizzy Pig--Tsunami Spin
Dish: Chix Legs
Smoker: UDS
Manufacturer description: This is probably our most unique offering, and depends on several mid and far eastern influences for its special flavor. The sesame seeds give it a buttery mouth feel and help to build a beautiful crust, and the aromatic spices come through with a well balanced splash of flavor.
Review: I'm going to go out here on a limb and state with absolute certainty that my chicken legs are the best in the business!  It's a fact--they have their own wiki page!  Amazingly all I do is marinate the legs for about 2 hours in Newman's Own Italian dressing, rinse them off, coat liberally with Tsunami Spin and let the barrel do the work for about 3 hours @ 265 degrees flipping half way.  I know--nothing to it, right?  Wrong!  Tsunami Spin is by far my favorite rub out there and the secret to this recipe!  It seems like there is a hint of something in there for everyone, even my fickle Asian Wife who, it shames me to admit, is not a BBQ aficionado!  It must be the sesame!  I can't keep these legs on the tray, especially if she is around.  I made about 50 or so legs for a work party a while back and those things didn't last 5 minutes!  Everyone kept asking me about the spices and wanted the recipe!  Now you got it-so go get it!  The guys at Dizzy are pretty cool, we met them at Hudson Valley 2 years ago and I gave their product a try.  Needless to say I won't be straying from the formula anytime soon.   

Stay tuned for future episodes of Rub Wars...May the Smoke Be With You!

P.S.--All you twitter followers out there...if you want to be part of Rub Wars and have us review your spices just let us know and shoot over a sample!

The TrashMan aka DARTH BASTER!

January 22, 2012


-During yesterday's snow, I also smoked some custom Italian sausage -- 8 inch links of sweet sausage with provolone and spices; I also threw in some sweet italian sausage stuffed with peppers and onions.

-Finished birds at 275* then I brought BACKWOODS down to 210* -- took a WHILE to come down.
-Smoked the sausage at 210* for 2 hours TEMP too high and the casings will split
-A quick SIZZLE on the grill...and ready to eat with friends and family!!
 ACTUALLY, all of our friends are considered FAMILY. 

It's Sunday, tonight, we eat macaroni and meatballs!  



January 21, 2012


-Hi, My name is GranPappy and I have a BBQ PROBLEM.  It's Saturday in New York -- in the middle of a snowstom.  WHAT are you going to do??  That's a no-brainer SMOKE SOME MEAT!!

Figured I would smoke some BIRDS for the wife and 2 chillun'.  I bought 2 whole chickens (my boy ChiChi down at the Atlantic & Pacific cut them for free! I told him why I don't buy brisket from him anymore ($5.00lb)!! and he offered to cut the birds gratis and give me the whole chix price).  I decided to use a couple of the thighs for COMP-like PRACTICE.

1/2 birds - I gave the halved birds an olive oil bath then covered with the rubs mentioned below

Chix Thighs -I prepped the chix thighs by scraping the underside of skin -- You can 'hold the skin' with a metal spatula

**TYWBBQ TIP -- I prefer an old  PIZZA KNOCKER to hold the skin firmly while scraping with a VERY SHARP knife.

I ALSO, flip the thigh over and remove the vein that runs just above the bone 
ALSO, I dig out that FAT PATCH on the underside of meat.

##For the family-feed, I REMOVE the skin and trim a bit.  Therefore, the thighs will be 'topless'

Give the thighs  a quick EVOO bath -- and READY FOR RUB

--Let that sit for a while and then a liberal coating of THE SLABS CHICKEN AND RIB RUB

-- FOR EACH THIGH I was using for my COMP-practice (4) I melted a tablespoon of I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT BUTTER
--I placed these thighs in a small tin and topped with the 'buttah'
1/2 birds -- topless thighs - Comp. practice in tin
NOT A BAD START for a family of FOUR!

- Put in the SHMOKE at 275-- with CHERRY and APPLE wood

--after an hour I will hit with some more rub and give a sauce bath - I will then FOIL

--Keep cookin' for another hour -- get your tongs -- quick BATH in sauce back into the smoke on the grates for about 10 min -- hotter the better -- mmmm....good. 

(JUICES run clear - birds are done -- 165 breasts - however, BBQ'ers don't use time to judge when meat is done)


GranPappy of Pork~~

January 18, 2012

2012 Sam's Club National BBQ Tour

Today is a momentous day in the history of TYWBBQ and the internet!  Our fearless leader the GranPappy of Megabites was able to break through the firewalls of the KCBS mainframe tonight and after 28 minutes of intense and constant clicking secured us a spot in the 2012 Sam's Club National BBQ Tour!! 

We will be competing August 25th - in Pleasantville NJ. That low wailing sound you are experiencing through your speakers is the collective groan of those who must now lock horns with Sloatsburg's Premier Competition BBQ Team.  400+ Teams are wishing they took up baking cookies right about now!
Book your rooms in advance to ensure your spot for TYWBBQ's National Corination Ceremony sponsored by SAM's Club!!!  The Chinese calendar says that 2012 is the Year of the Hanging Pig!  Get on the TYWBBQ train or get off the tracks because ASHKICKIN' Q is coming through!



TELL YOU WHAT BBQ will compete on August 25th (Saturday) in Pleasantville, NJ.

This prestigious event involves 5 National Regions - each region has 5 local competitions (25 total) comprised of 30 teams each.  The top SIX teams in each local contest will compete in their respective Regional competition (30 teams).

The top TEN teams from each Region (50 teams) will compete at the SAM'S CLUB NATIONAL COMPETITION on October 13, in Bentonville, Arkansas.

The OVERALL GRAND CHAMPION on October 13th will receive a check for $50,000.00

Tell You What!..not a bad day at the smoker...


January 17, 2012


Last month, I discussed the OFFSET HORIZONTAL smokers.  Fairly cheap, easy to use, a great smoker used by both novice and competition cooks.  The CAN MAN gave insight to the ‘cult-like’ UDS following.  There’s something to be said about ‘a man and his can…”  We won’t get into the multiple meanings.

Let’s talk VERTICAL SMOKERS.  Now, you KNOW, I have a new BACKWOODS PARTY.  This is a ‘box or cabinet style’ smoker.  Looks like a safe!  The premise of a vertical smoker is the heat source is on the bottom.  The heat is usually diverted and the temperature is regulated, oftentimes, using a water pan.
BACKWOODS PARTY - notice H2O pan under grates -- fuel source is below the pan
Perhaps, the most common and some say more efficient, is the WEBER VIRTUAL BULLET.  Every ‘griller’ knows about a good WEBER propane grill.  However, a true BBQer hears WEBER and thinks BULLET or KETTLE (I will discuss kettle-type smokers in the future).  You may hear the bullet referenced as a ‘charcoal water pan’ type of smoker.

Honestly, the best source of information on the WEBER BULLET is  This site contains everything you want to know about the WEBER bullet.  Be sure to read the FORUMS to truly get the full picture.

Chris Allingham does a super job explaining the bullet:

Other types of bullets include: BRINKMANN (ECB - El Cheapo Brinkmann), CHAR-BROIL, BRADLEY.

Each brand may require minor ‘modifications’ to increase the fuel efficiency.  AGAIN, we are talking about CHARCOAL AS A FUEL SOURCE.  Yea, yea….I KNOW, propane is SO EASY!!  Here at TELL YOU WHAT we prefer more traditional methods of lo n’ slo.

Check out the different 'bullet-type offerings' - they are a great way to 'get into the game'!!

LO n SLO~~

Gran Pappy of PORK~~

January 15, 2012

INSPIRATION...move me brightly...

INSPIRED by the CLEAT to get my 'game' on!!!

All day my wife has been askin' me, "WHO is having a party today?? HOW could the GIANTS be in the playoffs and NO ONE is having a party?"  She also added, "Your BBQ TEAM IS LAME if none of you is having a party."

Gee, thanks dear.

SO, inspired by the CLEAT and scolded by the wife, I had to "whip up a lil' sumthin'"


I bought this at the RESTAURANT DEPOT bout a month ago and froze it.

1. Get out your TRUSTY IRON SKILLET (again, you ain't a cook if you don't have one!)
2.  a bit of EVOO (GIADA, would like that) - black pepper -- cut onions and apple -- a can of Coors Light (because who the hell wants to drink that!?)

**I also added a small bit of broccoli rabe/garlic -- this was left from my run to CARMINE'S yesterday -- a man can't eat BBQ EVERY DAY!
3. cook until onions are translucent -- add Kielbasa -- too much for skillet --- so I put in a tin
** TYW TIP -- BUY a case of tins and keep them with your BBQ gear - you will use them OFTEN

4. I topped with a bit of smokey mustard/horseradish

5. FOIL -- cook at 350 for about 35 minutes...GAME TIME!!

Lo~~ n~~Slo

GRAN PAPPY OF PORK ~~ n' Kielbasa

January 14, 2012

Playoff Pork Butts

Thought I would knock out some butts for the Giant game tomorrow. Ran to the depot and got a couple of beautiful bone in butts. Rinsed them off real good and dried with paper towels. I coat them with a wee bit of extra virgin olive oil. Had two rubs so thought I would try them both. On the right is North Main BBQ rub from Eullis, Texas.  Heard about it when we were in St. John and bought a whole bunch. I add a little of their spicy rub for some kick at the end. Nice bunch of fellows down there. On the left is Big Green Egg rub . My wife loves this rub, has a great mix of sweet and spicy.

I like to let them sit a bit and get to room temp. The rest is easy. Set the Egg up for indirect cooking, load in some apple wood and set the digi Q for 250. I like to put them fat side down for the first 2 hours then flip them for the next five or six.

These were big boys, 8 1/2 lbs each so it should take around 12 to 14 hours total. Will flip them back to fat side down later and start spritzing with some apple juice, apple cider vinegar mixture to finish the bark. Nothing left to do except putting on the cleats and and downing some yak milk. Peace!!! Go Big Blue!!!!!!!

January 12, 2012's what's for DINNER!

"Cause it's some hot cookin' going on tonight..." G-Love

Those of you who are musically 'savvy' probably noticed I make numerous musical references.  More about that later when I get to 'tailgating'.

Blogger X - "OK, TELL YOU WHAT BBQ convinced me to buy a smoker.  I smoked a BUTT...I ate like a champion.  I put the leftover pork in a ziploc.  There are only two of us who live here.  NOW WHAT!!??"

TYW BBQ -- "No worries.  Keep reading."

Being ITALIAN/IRISH there has always been excess - both food and drink.  Most people I know do not know how to 'cook for two'.

My question is, "WHY would you want to cook for two?!"  Three's a crowd but FOUR is a party!!

It is more expensive to cook a meal for two.  So, JUST COOK MORE FOOD!!  Think about it.  WHAT do you do with 'all of this food'?  Invite your friends over for dinner.  THERE IS NEVER AN EXCUSE NOT TO INVITE FRIENDS TO YOUR HOME.  You are DEAD longer than you are ALIVE so enjoy it NOW!!!  

Tonight, the proverbial cubbard was bare.  Alas, open the freezer and WHAT do I see?  But a ZIPLOC OF PORK IN A BAGGIE!
1. Fill a pot 1/2 way with water
2. Place the ziploc (vacuum seal bags are preferred) in the water
3. As the water warms so does the pork
4. I lightly 'boiled' for about 25 minutes - be careful not to let the plastic burn on steel - then I added the pork to my IRON SKILLET (11.5inches) - EVERYONE must have an iron skillet!
5. I added a bit of apple juice and a splash of SAM ADAMS WINTER LAGER...that's why you HAVE to buy a 6 pack!
6. Let some of the liquid burn off...Empty pork into skillet -- cover loosely with foil -- I added DIZZY DUST and a splash of cider vinegar
7. Low heat until hot...ready to EAT!!


<YES, i know there is 'green stuff' on my plate!!
Here it is: - ASPARAGUS - Fresh PEPPER - OLIVE OIL - RUB OF CHOICE - roll em' around in it a bit - broiler for several minutes -- OR directly on grill grate for 3 or 4 minutes - overcooking will make them 'mushad'!

LO n' SLO, baby...

Gran Pappy~~~

January 9, 2012

WebQuest: The BBQ Brethren

There are a variety of different reasons why someone might venture into the world of barbecue. I’m not talking about heading down to your local BBQ shack for some ribs now. I mean purchasing a smoker, grinding up some rub and standing guard over your thermometer as the juicy fat in that cheap cut of meat melts away!

Maybe you saw Pitmasters on TV or wanted to enter your church’s local charity competition? Some people have an ancient family recipe that constantly gets talked up at party’s. Still others do some simple math and realize that they can feed a lot of people with a few dollars’ worth of barbecue AND all those hours manning the smoker means time out of the house (and away from whoever might be lurking inside!). For whatever reasons you have been put on the path…now that you’ve made the commitment to step your game up beyond the hot dog/hamburger level you’re going to need some help and have just the site for you!

I have been a member of the secret smoking fraternity known as The BBQ Brethren since July 2009 and his Excellency the Grand Pappy of Pork has me beat by an entire year on the membership front. This forum/message board is without a doubt the greatest BBQ resource I have come across in the game so far. Guys you see on TV and read about on the web post here. There is so much info on this site that it would take 2 lifetimes to sort through.
I stumbled across this forum when I was searching for plans to build a smoker out of an oil drum like they do in the Dirty South. The first link to pop up in Google was this now legendary and simply titled Ugly Drum Smoker thread. I knew something was up when I saw the admin note declaring that this was the “mother of all UDS threads” and saw there were over 4500 posts since the thing started in January of 2009.

I took me my entire summer break to read all of the posts, some of which came from fellas with more engineering know how than most NASA egg heads! That summer my first UDS was born out of the knowledge gleamed off that forum. Today it is up over 9000 posts—AMAZING! Yep…I’ve read them all. DO NOT TELL MY WIFE—SHE THINKS I AM WORKING WHEN I’M ON THE COMPUTER!
Norcoredneck's Redneck Guru!
The Brethren site is much more than a UDS think tank though. Every topic you can imagine that has to do with fire and food is touched on somewhere in their vast servers. Singing up gives you access to their extensive recipe section and the ability to network across the country, actually—the world. I’ve seen a bunch of posts from the UK and Germany. I owe so much of my BBQ-IQ to the site that I bit the bullet and became a donating member. Prying money out of my pocket is no easy task (I did make a smoker out of a garbage can after all!) so for me to pony up some loot means the site is worth it!

The best part of the site was actually being able to hook up with some of the Teams posting on there for the annual potluck dinner at the Hudson Valley Ribfest. Many of the Brethren hail from the Long Island, NY area and attend that amazing event each year. It’s our “home” event being stationed about 45 minutes away from Mother Sloatsburg and TYWBBQ has had some serious success there over the last 3 years!

There isn’t enough space in this post to get into depth about the Brethren site. I just wanted to give the highlights and spread the word about it since it has been such a rich resource for myself and all of us TYWBBQ. You owe it to yourself to check it out. I’m going to use this space to review as many BBQ sites as I can so stay tuned for more WebQuests.

The TrashMan

January 5, 2012

Coach BEEF is one Happy Pappy!!!

Our beloved Coach BEEF has been wanting to throw his 2 cents into the ring for some time now on the blog but Bill Gates he ain't!  Our TYWBBQ Technical Officer has not had a chance to walk him through the signup/posting process yet but the following post accurately represents the BBQ ramblings of this carnivorous virtuoso!  You should take heed and listen to what he has to say...LOOK AT THE SIZE OF HIM!

I ran into the website called while looking up recipes to BBQ sausages and bacon for a supreme tasting appetizer.  I found the Fatty which ended up being delicious and has now been re-dubbed the HAPPY PAPPY!

Why Happy Pappy you ask?  Well my daughter stated “Dad you're always smiling while cooking and eating the Fatties”, so she said “these shouldn’t be called Fatties but Happy Pappy’s!”  Now my family exclusively calls me by the name of “Happy Pappy” and uses that moniker for my signature dish.  My daughter truly loves the BBQ and food in general, that's why she is my official BBQ test taster.  If it passes her muster, then it’s good!

-Coach BEEF

Coach BEEF then had his daughter fire up the digital camera and chronicle step by step his decent into BBQ madness.  The pics were so big that we could not even upload them to the site!  We've never had the opportunity to enter Coach BEEF's Happy Pappy's into competition yet but it is obvious they would win!  To celebrate The BEEF'S first entry into the Q'NIVERSE we decided his favorite variation is getting plastered up under our AWARD WINNING DISHES section of TELLYOUWHATBBQ.COM.   Got a problem with that?  Didn't think so!  Check out his recipe or we will tell him where you live!!