February 4, 2012


Welcome to the world's most comprehensive How-To on making a FATTY!
Break out your notebooks, fire up your smoker and try to make it through half of this manifesto without salivating all over your keyboard! 

I ran into the website called Smoking while looking up receipts to BBQ sausages and bacon for a supreme tasting appetizer.  I found the Fatty and they in-turn turned into a very good tasting snack.
Why Happy Pappy, my daughter stated “Dad your always smiling while cooking and eating the Fatty’s”, so she said “these shouldn’t be called Fatties but Happy Pappy’s!”  So my family goes by the name of “Happy Pappy”.  She truly loves the BBQ and food in general, she’s my BBQ test taster.  If it passes her muster, then it’s good!
The following is a combination of the fatties from the website called Smoking Meat and my adjustments throughout the years. 
Gather ingredients, Red peppers, Green peppers, yellow peppers, hot peppers, cheese (use a combination of Pepper Jack/ Mozzarella cheese or another type), Sour Cream, choice of Rub, Onions, stuffing/Chicken or Turkey, deli meats (Pepperoni/ Salami/ Ham), Bacon (1-pound is good for a Happy Pappy).  There are many combinations to be use for Happy Pappy’s.  I’ll discuss what has worked for me over the last few years and responses from my fellow BBQ members, family, friends and party goers.

 Chop 1 red peppers into fine small bits (can use yellow/orange pepper for this Happy Pappy).  Chop ¼ green pepper into fine small bits.

 Chop 1 small onion into fine small bits.
  A container of Sour Cream
 Pepper Jack Cheese (can use different cheeses)
 1 pound of Jimmy Dean’s sausage mild (hot or mild). I’ve use both separately, but it depends upon the mixture/combination you want.
 Place aluminum foil on the surface you’re working, easy clean up later.
 Place the 1 lb JD (mild) sausage into a 1 gallon plastic bag.  Spread the sausage with a rolling pin until it reaches out evenly throughout the bag.

 Use a sharp knife, place the knife inside the bag where the corners meet (at the top), slide the knife down the side of bag and above the sausage until the opposite corner is hit.  Turn the bag and slide the knife down to the other side, three sides of the bag are cut (try not to move the sausage).  The plastic bag opens up and the sausage is ready to have goodies placed on it.  One side of the sausage is still on the plastic bag and you’re going to roll it later.

 Put down a nice heap of Sour Cream on the sausage and spread it out evenly throughout.

Gather the fine Red (or peppers you have decided on) peppers and spread them out evenly over the sour cream. (peppers amount varies upon your taste).

Place cheese on top of the peppers and sour cream.  Place your rub on the cheese or below the cheese.  Not too much though.

 Once all the ingredients are on the sausage begin the rolling process.  Be careful from this point on, rolling can be frustrating.  Have lost or broke a number of good Happy Pappies while rolling  or transferring to the bacon weave.

Once finished rolling the sausage place off to the side.  The sausage is still on a portion of the plastic and all I do is lift the plastic bag to move the sausage roll out of the way. If you like place some sugar or rub on top of the sausage do so at this time.
Bacon Weave Process: Begin the bacon weave. Place 7 pieces of bacon down, side by side on top of aluminum foil.
Fold rows 1, 3, 5 and 7 back so they look like they are stacked.

 Place one piece of bacon across rows 2, 4 and 6. Then fold back 1, 3, 5 and 7.  Repeat until the weave is complete.
Bacon Weave!

Place sausage roll on bacon weave close to the edge of one side of bacon. Be careful moving the sausage roll on to the bacon weave, sausage could break apart if mishandled.
 Place your rub on sausage roll (amount to your liking).  Rolling by lifting up the aluminum foil!
 Hope you enjoy them, says Kate!!!  

 Keep rolling the foil up until all the bacon is wrapped around sausage!
 Put more rub on top of the bacon weave. Keep the Happy Pappy on the aluminum foil. 
Cut a bacon strip in-half and place it on one end of the bacon weave, secure by tooth picks.  Place the other bacon strip that is cut in half on the same side but make a “T” and attach by tooth picks.  Complete on the other side of the weave so both ends are secure. 
Place bacon at the ends of the weave so no juices leak out!

Smoke for 3 hours at 215

Other combinations.  Different peppers and cheeses!


 Loosen the sausage near one end of the plastic and fold it/roll it over, similar to making a snow man. (The plastic should not be inside the sausage, but rolled up on the outside, be carefully as the rolling begins)  
 Started the rolling process where I first placed the cheese.

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