December 30, 2013


Before the Gran Peddler of Propaganda does his annual TYWBBQ year in review I thought I would crack open the lid on the can a bit and let you know what has been going on in Trashilvania over the last few months. Apparently your favorite sanitation engineer was on the "NICE" list for Santa this year because his big butt brought some BBQ fluff at Trashamania HQ:

It's not everyday that my Battlin Buccos--that would be the Pittsburgh Pirates for you ignorant savages--are not the laughing stock of the MLB.  TWENTY ONE SEASONS OF HELL!!  The Fat Man in the red suit had to hook me up with this customized grill set for the Refuse Receptacle.

I also got hooked up with a 40 lbs marble mortar/pestle set and some Himalayan pink salt.  Pink is always nice--ALWAYS!

2013 was Tell You What BBQ's best year in terms of statistics and hardware collected.  The little Trashkins caught up with us as late but we've got big plans for 2014.  Q'Believers...the Trash Clan would like to thank everyone for their support in 2013!

The TrashMan

December 24, 2013



Here's how we roll...

OF COURSE...teammate 'FISH' is cooking more pescado than humanly possible
SMOKE is firing up the BGE for 25 INDIVIDUALLY COOKED FILETS...AND of course, da' FISHES.
Coach HappyPappy is SMOKING a $125- piece of PRIME RIB...
and the PAPPY is having the traditional ITALIAN CHRISTMAS EVE with da' FISHES!

Ready for some FRA DIAVOLO

Enjoy the time with your families~~

October 14, 2013

Smokin' ROOSTERS and makin MEMORIES celebrate the gorgeous splendor of Fall here in NY, the PAPPY and the Lil' Pappy decided to see if they could 'flush up a rooster!'  Well, we didn't bring home that rooster but the Lil' Pappy SURE WAS THRILLED to 'Bring home a HEN'! <--just like any self respecting man!!
YES...we fish AND hunt.  
The Pappy teaches RESPECT and SAFELY HANDLING FIREARMS -- we do NOT apologize for that

Sooo..after working up an appetite, WHERE ELSE would the PAPPY stop??? BUT fo' some BBQ!

BROTHERS BARBECUE located at 2402 Route 32 in Cornwall, NY - located just shy of the '5 corners' - The Pappy has been meaning to try this joint since it burned down...literally.  The 'redo' is beautiful.  Open, comfortable feel...a stage on the far wall for bands, open mic, karoake.  Definitely seems like a fun place to get together with friends.  The Pappy is a HUGE fan of craft beers and BROTHERS does not disappoint.
HOW did that BUNK LIGHT tap get in there!??

The Lil Pappy ALWAYS wants to 'start' with wings.  So we ordered up some 'mild BBQ' wings which were served with a fresh, crumbly Bleu cheese.  These birds were 'smoked'

For our meals the Lil Pappy ordered a Pork SANGwich with MAC and the PAPPY chowed down on a TWO MEAT AND SIDES platter. The sides were a crisp, Sally Sherman-esque slaw and a NO JOKE baked bean side with DICED BRISKET FLAT.  VERY nice surprise!
Diced brisket flat in da' beans

Wings, Pork n MAC, Captain Lawrence Pale Ale

Unfortunately, the Pappy did not have time stay and 'talk shop'  - the dog was in the truck drooling all over from the SWEET SMELL OF SMOKE~

If you are in the Stewart Airport area stop by BROTHERS BARBECUE open Tues-Thurs. 11am-9:30pm and Fri-Sat 11am-10:30pm, Sundays noon-9pm.  

Sooo...on the way home the Lil Pappy said, "This was the best day ever! We went pheasant hunting AND we got to eat BAAH-B-QUE!"'re right, kid.

Keep Smokin~

September 22, 2013


Q'Believers...every once in a while the GranPuppy of Pork has buyer's remorse over dropping some serious coin on his BACKWOODS PARTY!! Yes it's an amazing machine, our go-to cooker at events and the apparatus we have won a plethora of awards on in competition--but it still costs about a mortgage payment!! When the Poopy starts feeling a little sorry for himself and his wallet he never fails to come crawling to the TrashMan. His latest cry for help was forwarding me an article from Nibble Me This about the Redneck Microwave.

As soon as I opened up the email this morning I knew the GranPastrami was depressed. Why else send the innovator a link about an imitator? Ok. maybe I didn't invent the UDS or even improve upon it that much but not too many people in the Interweb or the Q'Niverse are more vocal about their REFUSE RECEPTACLE than Trashcar the Grouch at TYWBBQ!! When I got to check out the site in question, I had to smile a bit. The more of these UDS companies that pop up the better as far as I'm concerned. PITBARREL's niche is playing small ball: instead of the tried and true 55 gallon drum they make theirs out of 30's and the system comes complete, shipped to you!

Now the price is a bit nuts at $269 when you consider that TrashGyver has invested approximated $38 into TYWBBQ's original PIG HANGER and more than half of the budget was spent on paint! The amount of work, tools and expertise in making one of these things is no joke, so the actual cooker is easily worth triple that price! Some people don't like hiding from their wive's all day...err, I mean putting in all the fuss to make their own even if they have the know how at home, so this product is perfect for them. Here's a review from one of MY brothers at the BBQ BRETHREN!!

Even a seasoned drum head like myself can learn something from these guy! I am totally stealing their horseshoe motif for my OG next weekend. Sorry honey...I'll be doing "YARD WORK" all day!!! Thanks PITBARRELCOOKER!!!!

Give it a shot but remember, tickets on the S.S. UDS are ONE WAY into the depths of the Q'Niverse!!! You won't be coming back!

The TrashMan

September 6, 2013

Red, White n' QUE

Well...The GranPappy of Pork is 'back on the grid'!  The Pappy has been off the proverbial 'grid' since May.  No, NOT like Ted Kaczynski!! The Pappy's i-phone decided in May to become not so 'smart' and like that, you, the reader, have been left in a virtual vortex lacking BBQ witticism, insight and creative embellishment (with all due respect and thanks to the TRASHCAN'S Herculean efforts maintaining TYWBBQ's link to all things VIRTUAL).  There was NO FB, NO Twits and NOT a single inane Pappy-post about ANYTHING. Although, I have to was nice, REALLY nice to be freed from the constraints of satellite transmissions.

Ok...enough of the philosophical discourse...WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING THIS WEEKEND?? was scheduled to cook a great event this weekend, but things went FUBAR.  The event, RED, WHITE & QUE is being held in CRESSKILL, NJ (100 3rd Street).  The event is sponsored by Three Men & a Baby Back BBQ team. 

The fun begins Friday September 6 with music, food and beer. Umm, WHO doesn't like that combination??  If you're not into that, well...  The money you spend is for great causes.  Saturday (noon-10pm) is an all day RIB CONTEST and the fun ends on Sunday afternoon (11am-6pm) with the traditional KCBS entries of chicken (noon), ribs (noon30), pork (1300hrs) and brisket (1:30).

The event is a benefit for the legion as well as, Gary Sinise Foundation and Wounded Warrtiors.  GREAT prizes will be raffled.  FIND OUT WHAT ALL THE SMOKE IS ABOUT!!  
Head on over to RED, WHITE & QUE this weekend.  Spend some $ to help veterans and learn more about just exactly what is this Competition BBQ??

 If you head over, ask for Dana and tell him "TELL YOU WHAT" sent ya'!

the Pappy

August 18, 2013


The Phoenix that is TYWBBQ was reborn from the Sam's Club hellfire and roared to it's greatest KCBS success to date.  Once again, the INFAMOUS TELL YOU WHAT BBQ Hanging Pigs made there presence known to all at the 9th Annual Hudson Valley Ribfest.


Coming off a 5th place overall finish in last years NEBS cookoff, we had a lot of pressure to repeat our performance.  TYWBBQ was only able to muster a 4th place trophy for Smoked Apple Cheesecake Dessert.  Beggars can't be choosers...

We were so fixated on improving our scores for the Sunday KCBS cook that we sent our Minor League Squad to pick up the hardware.


Historically, we have always struggled at Ribfest in KCBS.  We have had a rib call or 2 over the years, but nothing substantial.  This was also our first year using our sponsor j.Dickey's Sauces for competition so we are still trying to work out the kinks to adding his fine collection of gluten free sauces to our arsenal.  Coach BEEF wrestled the reins away from the GranPappy of Pork for the weekend and navigated us to our highest scoring cook ever!

Mendo and the TrashMan did a less than stellar job of trimming up the thighs above as you can see but made a crucial decision to NOT scrape the fat from under the skin at the last minute.  A perfect cook blueprint from Coach BODY-HAIR and a subtle slathering of the j.Dickey's Bourbon Sauce during the later half of the cook allowed us to snag a 6th place in spot out of the money!  Things were starting to look up for the crew.

The pork box money was made in the wee hours of Sunday morning when Coach BIGBOY decided that we over vaporized our pork last week so he put the breaks on us and delayed our protocol by 2 hours.  Big move by an even bigger man! Look at that money muscle and perfectly carved horn!  You don't see that everyday. Getting a call was a lock when we added some j.Dickey's Maryland Sauce as a finisher to the entry!  Lights out our best entry and score ever for pork!  5th place for the Hanging Pigs, a nice trophy and some LOOT for the bill collectors!!  MAKE IT RAIN!!!

When the final tally came out, TYWBBQ was sitting in 11th out of 50 of the best BBQ teams on the eastern sea board.  Our ribs were off today and brisket still remains a disaster...AND WE STILL WERE 11th!!! When we figure this brisket out some teams might want to get on the pie eating circuit because we will have this BBQ thing on lock!!  Thanks to Rolf and everyone at the Highland, NY Rotary Club for always putting on a great event!  Got to cut this post short...the bank's about to close and I need to deposit our CHECKS!!!

The TrashMan

August 13, 2013


The AXIOM that you are only as good as your last result has been turned on it's head as of late in the BBQ world!  Who would have thought that a terrible result could actually bring in the sponsors? As a follower of this blog you have already surmised that the Q'Niverse is run by an entirely different set of physics than what we are normally governed under here in the Milky Way!  After shitting the bed at Sam's Club BBQ National Championship event in Medford, Long Island last week we were approached by a number of people wanting to sponsor our squad.  After careful deliberation taking into account the bribe money and political favors that changed hands...TYWBBQ is proud to announce it's new partnership with a LEGENDARY corporation in the entertainment/athletic/law enforcement field!  PLEASE WELCOME TO THE FAMILY:

Talk about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat!  It took about 2 seconds to forget our miserable cook after signing with these guys.  Lucky for you, the awards ceremony was recorded for posterity and has been entered in as EXHIBIT A in the assault with a deadly weapon trial of the GranPappy of Pork and Coach BEEF.

Apparently, not even j.Dickey's Sauces can resurrect overcooked, vaporized flesh.  Guess no product is perfect!  Add some FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH to the next batch Jay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The good people at County Gas Service hooked us up with the Big Green Egg tent in order to quarantine our Q from those with weak immune systems and preexisting conditions not covered under NOBAMAcare!!!

We came, we saw and we lost.  Win or Lose...We Still BOOZE!!!  TELL YOU WHAT BBQ

The TrashMan

July 19, 2013


The boys at TYWBBQ have hit the glossy page big time with a profile in the August edition of Hudson Valley Magazine!  The article was previewing the upcoming Hudson Valley Ribfest competition in mid August.  We love that event, we win something every year and are thrilled to support the cause and promote the event so it's so close to home and run by some great people (SHOUT OUT--ROLF!!!)

Excepts from a TRASHTASTIC interview are included along with 2 of our more "unique" recipes and a pic of Coach BEEF and BIG GREEN MENDO shreddin' through some swine with their big, burly hands! They look so damn sexxxy that I had to include the pic below.

TYWBBQ friend and nemesis Sean from Big Guns BBQ was also profiled but that was probably an editing mistake or something like that.  I hope no one got fired over that SNAFU!!  Give the story the once over, go to the Official TYWBBQ Team Store and purchase some gear to support your local BBQ celebs.  I will keep you in the loop and let you know when we will be on TMZ and Entertainment Tonight.  j.Dickey said something about booking us as judges for some Hooter's Bikini contest in Maryland too--they want us to bring the sausages!!! Hopefully we can fit them in to our busy schedule!!

The TrashMan

July 17, 2013

Big Green Egg Pastrami Redux

Several people had asked when the pastrami would be making another appearance so I figured it was time to revisit the subject. Last time I did not give Props to the undisputed, trashcan cooking King of the "PRBS"(Puerto Rican Barbecue Society) Sweet Lou for sharing this recipe. Thanks Lou!! I purchased 2 lovely 14 lb. packers and began the process. I started with by making a brine:

2 T whole peppercorns
1 and 1/2 T dry thyme
3 T crumbled bay leaves
2 tsp whole cloves
1/4 cup of minced garlic
6 cups of water
3/4 cup of brown sugar
¾ Cup Kosher salt

Bring the brine to a rolling boil for about 5 minutes and then turn off the heat and put the cover on so it can steep for an hour or so.My kitchen smelled f*&%$#$@ing awesome!!!. While the brine is cooling I separate the brisket into two parts: the point and the flat.  I also remove as much fat and silver skin as I can. This takes some time but the wife likes it lean so(you can place your own metaphor about wives and marriage here). 

Once the brine has cooled to room temperature and not a minute before (You don't want the brine to cook the meat at all) I placed the 4 pieces into an industrial strength garbage bag and pour in the brine. I tied that bag up removing as much air as possible and placed the bag into a cooler and then into the fridge. Every other day or so I would manipulate the pieces around inside the bag to insure equal brineing. 

Since there were 4 pieces I ended up doing three separate cooks and learned a few things along the way. After 9 days I reached into the bag I pulled out one of the "Flats", this is the leaner and more muscular portion of the brisket. It is called the flat cause it is the flat piece when you separate the brisket. I washed this piece off and applied the rub:

Ingredients for the pastrami dry rub:
5 T ground coriander seeds (put them in a food processor)
3 T fresh ground pepper
10 cloves of garlic, minced
1 T yellow mustard seeds
4 T kosher salt (adjust to your liking)
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup paprika
2 T ground ginger

Two "Points" on the Egg
I cooked this at 250 for about 6.5 hours in the egg. I used hickory and cherry for smoke and placed a water pan on the plate setter to keep it moist. I was aiming for 185 degrees but it went a little past while I was untying my cleats and was a little dry. Still good flavor. 

That night while surfing the interweb I saw someone putting the pastrami in water overnight to reduce the saltiness.  Ten minutes later I see that crazy spiky haired blonde guy on the food network discussing pastrami in someone's restaurant and his rub was almost exactly the same as mine only he adds allspice!!!  So about 5 days later I reach into the bag and happen to pull out the two "Points" of the brisket (Don't know why they call it the Point!).  

So here we go again, soak in water overnight, I put about 15-20 whole kernels/seeds of all spice into the spice grinder and added it to the rub. Cooked everything the same way on the egg and the results were incredible. The wife and I were heading out of town so I had to share some of the bounty. Jersey Mike happened to stop by the house soon after they were done and I asked if he liked pastrami, his answer was "Kinda, but not really". Six slices later big boy was headed to the supermarket and had a flat in brine 2 days later.  He is a novice smoker and this was a huge undertaking, I hope his results turn out well. The man with the largest arms in BBQ was next. The TrashMan may have to spend a few extra minutes choking people out to burn of the fatty goodness he waffled down. Left some at GranPappy's as well. Two days later I get a message from both him and the Mrs. with rave reviews. The "Point" is clearly the better piece of meat for pastrami. All I can say is, get off your butt and give this a try it is well worth the effort. 

July 4, 2013


Ever been to a BBQ competition?  If they made the participants pay their entry fee by the pound most teams would have to take out a second mortgage just to get in the event!!!  It doesn't have to be this way Q'Believers!!!  The TrashMan doesn't have the largest arms in BBQ by accident.  You can get your smoke on and your muscle on at the same time with a few tips and tricks.

The physically fit people at have come up with some receipes that are sure to stimulate both your taste buds and your biceps!  Most of the problem with smoking, barbecuing or grilling isn't in the meat or cooking approach--it's what we add to it in terms of sauces and other extras.  

Not all BBQ sauces are the same folks and slathering a yard bird in some mass produced super ketchup doesn't make it BBQ!!!  Go to the fridge, pull out your go to sauce and read the label.  Do even worry about the ingredients only an Organic Chemist could love...just peep the amount of sugar, salt and the serving size!  WOW!!! 

We here at TYWBBQ are big fans of j.Dickey's Sauces out of Maryland because the are made with ALL NATURAL ingredients and are about the only tasty GLUTEN free product on planet EARTH!  Give them a try along with the muscle head info above as you celebrate and shape up this 4th of July!

The TrashMan

July 1, 2013

How much Charcoal fits in a Subaru ?

It is good to have connections. You never know which interaction in your life will bring about good fortune. My co-worker "Big E" said his wife's aunts cousins nephews brother-in-law said he knew a lady that could make a call and i would end up with copious amounts of the good stuff- Lump Charcoal, really cheap!!! So after a two hour ride we pulled in to one of the shadiest warehouses i have ever had the pleasure of entering. Those big fancy computerized warehouses with robots and guys dressed in uniforms kind of scare me. This place would be the diametric opposite of that type of experience.
The warehouse's signage would be considered modest by most standards, slightly larger than a post-it. But this was the place. The "Big E" went inside and i headed to the loading dock and laced up the cleats.   Well "Big E" comes around the corner with a big smile and asks "How much Charcoal fits in a Subaru?" I was about to answer when the forklift came around the corner. My original answer changed into  "I guess we are gonna find out". Well now I can tell you the exact amount of charcoal that fits into a Subaru. 30 bags x 20lbs= 600lbs + 6'5 280lbs and 5'7 230lbs= 1110 lbs of human and charcoal. Since the big mans knees were on the dashboard  and my face was on the windshield I was pretty sure the baru's breaks would be tested. Well it turns out those people should be commended on their ability to stop a heavily laden vehicle in a short amount of time. I will not soon forget this experience especially since there are twenty bags of the stuff in my basement and the Mrs. has had several questions regarding storage options, all of which have been vetoed.  Mali's performed well in its first test. I cooked a pastrami at 250 for about 6.5 hours in the big green egg. The fuel burned evenly and the temperature did not move from 250 for the entire cook.

I know the trashman has been prepping for the apocalypse but i wonder if he knows how he is going to cook his food. 

June 16, 2013


In celebration of Father's Day, the crew at TELL YOU WHAT BBQ decided to present a photo essay of hard working Dad's getting their CAVEMAN on BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!! Any time the TrashWife complains (which is universally outlawed on Father's Day) about the multiple refuse receptacles that litter my driveway during a cookout I have to remind her exactly how civilized the UDS actually is compared to these Savages! Let the Ghetto Grill games begin!

How do you manage to BBQ in big city living??  Easy--just don't forget the starch!!

When in Rome do as the Roman's do...when in the woods do as the Cro-Magnon's did!

And here I thought I was the only guy who gets so hungry at the grocery store that I eat half my items before I make it to the register!!

A chair is a terrible thing to waste!  -NBBQ Scholarship Fund Announcement

I've heard stories from my sister in law from Texas about the heat but this is ridiculous!  Forget the Health Inspector...I hope these guys are CPR certified in case someone drowns going for a chicken leg!

The wheels on the bus go round and round...the wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish all through the town!  Kinda gives new meaning to my Daughter's favorite song!

Since global warming, I mean cooling, I mean climate change has "plateaued" the Tree Hugging Liberals need a new linchpin in their Recycle, Reduce and Reuse campaign.  I hacked into the DNC...this pic is about to go viral in all the battleground states and every major college!

My wife insisted that if I was going to post photos of my ghetto grills that I at least use the spread that made GQ Magazine's BUFF BBQ BAD-ASSESS issue.  Yes Dear!!!


The TrashMan

June 6, 2013


Just a subtle hint if you are looking for the perfect Father's Day present for a Doom's Day Prepping, multiple GO-Bag owning, BJJ Purple Belt wearing, Wilderness Survival loving connoisseur of carnivorous dishes cooked in a re-purposed, recycled and rebuilt garbage can:

May I present the MOLLE equipped Tactical BBQ Apron from ThinkGeek!  And it even comes in BLACK!!!  All I need is a custom TYWBBQ badge and I'd be set to continue my TRASHTASTIC dominance of the Q'Niverse for years!!!  This apron is so bad-ass it has it's own trailer!!!

No BBQer worth his weight in swine should be without this marvel of modern engineering!!  Check your email Honey...there's a new blog post you need to read!!

The TrashMan
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May 27, 2013

May 23, 2013


After chronicling last weeks wildly successful Pineapple Chicken Experiment, we here at TYWBBQ felt the need to do some further investigation of this DJ BBQ character. Who is he, where is he from, how did he get the gig with FHM Magazine and why if he lives in the UK doesn't he speak with all them marbles in his mouth? It sounds like he's speaking honest to goodness American, doesn't it? Check out the video below if you don't believe me!

The Hanging Pigs tracked him down and posed the hard hitting questions that the entire Q'niverse wanted to know. Fire up your pit because inspiration is a coming from Christian Stevenson!
What do you enjoy most about barbecuing food? What got you started?
I love working with fire and wood.  I like the primal aspect of cooking with the elements. It's very caveman.  You also get much better flavor when cooking with different types of wood. I will not cook on a gas BBQ.  To me, there's no point.  You might as well stay indoors.  My father got me started in barbecuing at the age of 8. My dad learned to barbecue from Grandpa and he passed down the knowledge to me.  There are excellent photos of Grandpa BBQ'n in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa.  Grandpa always had loads of ribs and chickens rocking at the same time.

Your smoker looks like a hollowed out steam train! Where the hell did you get that thing?
I watched too many episodes of Man Vs Food.  Seeing what they were building in the States and not being able to find the same in the UK, we had to import our smokers.  We spent last summer researching - every night for 2 months.  We ended up buying three smokers/cookers from the man who builds more championship BBQ's than anyone else in the world - Ben Lang, of Lang’s Smokers.  His smokers are 3rd generation and he's been making ‘em for over 25 years.  He rolls his own 1/4 inch steel. These babies are a family heirloom.
Out of all your recipes, what’s your favorite thing to cook?
There's nothing like shoving a can of beer up a chicken's ass.  But nailing a big ol' slab of brisket where the thick layer of fat caramelizes with the salt and pepper turning it into ‘Texas Foie Gras’.  Then I really like making breakfast and diner food. Chili and Cheese omelettes are one of my favorite things to make and eat.  Wait… Fish TACOS!!!! Love them!

How did you end up getting involved with Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube project?
I was working on a couple pilots with Jamie's production company, Fresh One.  The first one was called ‘GRILLS, GRILLS, GRILLS’.  It was based around interviewing musicians, artists and bands around food.  I cook for them and they cook for me.  And at the end of every show, the band had to do a cover of Motley Crue's ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ but substituting the word, "Grills".  They could also opt to cover Jay-Z song of the same name.  No one picked it up. We then did another pilot that was more in my realm of action sports.  That was positively received and we could be making that one next year.   Then Fresh One was approached about doing an original channel for YouTube.  They asked me if I'd like to do a show for FoodTube.  And now we've produced 11 videos, we have over 200,000 subscribers, and we've had over 150 million views. It's only been 3 months.

You've proved to be one of the most popular chefs taking part in Food Tube. Do you think it is because of what you are cooking, or the unconventional way you go about cooking it?  

Everyone has turned out to be popular.  And a couple of the dudes already had TV/Webshows before coming on to FoodTube.  I guess people relate to a bit of craziness and they like meat.  I'm all about cooking big hunks of meat, but saying that, my FISH TACOS recipe got a lot of love and the most positive comments from the community.  
There you have it fellow flesh mongers! Very interesting stuff from across the pond. We will definitely stay in touch with Christian and who knows, maybe end up in one of his videos! If he lets me man that monstrous mortar of his then we will give him the inside scoop on our secret weapon-- j.Dickey's Blackberry Habanero Sauce! I might even throw in our discount code: TYWBBQ10 for free!!

The TrashMan
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May 19, 2013


The Q'Niverse is a big place Kiddies and some people are doing crazy carnivorous things!  This month the TrashWife cut down on her internet purchases from the Tell You What BBQ Official Team Store so the TrashMan was able to pay the cable bill.  That meant the broadband was blazing and it was time to do so Q-SEARCH on the web.  Maybe it is my ADD, but I get bored eating the same meals and doing everything competition style all the time in my Refuse Receptacle.  Every once in a while you gotta cut loose and get funky!  Flavor that is--NOT smell!  My Q-SEARCH proved fruitful, LITERALLY!  Check out the clip below from DJ BBQ on Jamie Oliver's Food Tube.

Any chance to try something new appeals to me when it comes to the Q.  All the hardened competition vets who do the same thing every time and never tweak a thing just don't get it in my opinion. The only thing that stops EVOLUTION is EXTINCTION my friends. TRASHAMANIA is still running wild so I'm still ticking.  DJ BBQ inspired me to fire up the UDS and crack open a cold one from the produce section.  Check out the process from the TYWBBQ R&D lab. 
I did the same cut as described in the video.  Turns out is was about and inch too high from my smoker even on the low grate since this particular model has a hinged, flat lid.  After chopping off a bit at the top it fit just fine.
I went bare-bones on this cook as I was just interested in how the pineapple added to the mix.  All I did was coat the yard bird in EVOO and applied a light rub of Dizzy Pig Tsunami Spin.  4.5 hours on the redneck microwave using hickory chunks was all it took.  4 hours would have been fine but the TrashWife is a germ and pink-meatophobe so she insists everything be overcooked--she has broken me at this point so I left it on for 30 extra minutes!  As a control I did a package of 4 thighs exactly the same without the rub for about 2 hours.
I just had to include this pic...not sure in the chickadee was giving birth to that pineapple or dumping it out!!  You decide Q'Believer!! See...told you gettin funky was fun!
Our boy Rob from Chicken Chokers BBQ Team dropped us a line on Facebook saying he was diggin the color.  Who am I to argue with a brother in arms?!?  He should have tasted it--even better. You could definitely get some of the fruit notes towards the thighs and bottom of the breast and the smell through out the bird was excellent.  Even with the prerequisite spouse directed vaporization of the bird it was still damn juicy.  I would strongly suggest that you Old Skewl BBQ guys save a beer and let the chicken ride a pineapple next time!  Big thanks to DJ BBQ for putting me on the path with this one!!

The TrashMan

May 3, 2013

J.Dickey's Update

The words "Boy the Cleat sure didn't eat a lot tonight" have most likely never been spoken. That being said, I consider myself a good judge of food, not only because I consume copious amounts of food, but because I try every thing on the table. If I haven't seen it or heard of it, Gimme Some!!!!  So I usually respect the opinion of others with healthy appetites. It just so happens that I share an office with two gentlemen of generous proportions.  These two amount to just over 13ft and close to 600 lbs of human. Universal laws would suggest that your typical calorie counting chart does not directly apply in this situation. My burnt ends with the J.Dickey's Blackberry Habanero  sauce were well received in my office and the boys quickly used the new link on Tell You What BBQ to get some of their own sauces. 

"The Piper" made leftover roasted turkey into delicious sandwiches for himself and the family with a smattering of the Cranberry Habanero  sauce.  We will be making those in the office soon!!! Piper has also reported putting the same sauce on roasted chicken as well. Loved It!!!  "Gentle J" went in a completely different direction. After broiling some Tilapia he broke out some of J.Dickey's Maryland sauce. His family loved it!!! The Maryland sauce complimented the fish so well he is planning another trip to the fish store. Several more of our friends have purchased sauces and we are waiting to see how creative they get. Like I said in my original post "Run, Don't walk to your computer and order some of J.Dickeys Sauce!!!" Don't forget to tell them Tell You What BBQ sent you!!!! Use our coupon code TYWBBQ10 and receive 10%  off on your purchase. EAT and Enjoy

April 30, 2013

TYWBBQ was founded in a desolate parking lot just south of the Dover International Speedway. You follow this blog so you already know this! Well Mr. you know that the NASCAR FedEx 400 benefiting Autism Speaks is being held on June 2nd? Yeah, right--sure you did!  Bet you didn't know that a portion of the proceeds go Autism Speaks or that they have special ""quiet box" seat packages available for families like mine to enjoy America's real pastime! Didn't think so!

Last week we had the pleasure to announce our partnership with jDickey's Sauces for the 2013 BBQ season. The sponsorship opportunities don't stop there folks!! The Boss, aka Mrs. Trash, thinks Hurricane Nathan just turning 3 makes him too young to attend the race with the TrashMan! TYWBBQ is looking to partner with a quality divorce lawyer ASAP! You don't even have to be that good...just fast!!! Direct all inquires to our fan page on Facebook.

Drive Fast and Take Chances!
The TrashMan