March 23, 2013

Burnt Ends With J.Dickeys Magic Blackberry Habanero Sauce

So the Trashman got a little something special delivered to his home the other day and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time(In my car in a snowstorm waiting for his beef ribs to be done). Maybe not the brightest thing I have done but as it turns out, far from the dumbest. Our new favorite sauce maker J.Dickeys had delivered a package with three of  the finest sauces I have tasted in a long time tucked inside.  This terrapin knows how to blend together some items you wouldn't normally think of as being simpatico, into some deliciousness that I won't soon forget.

The onus of testing the blackberry habanero sauce(Just the name makes my mouth water) fell on me and with a grin I said "Challenge accepted!!!". I first dipped some pretzel rods in the sauce to test it out and was hooked immediately. The flavor of fresh berries was the first sensation to smack my taste buds. This was soon followed by the heat of habanero which showed just enough of itself to make my nose run. Whoa doggy there is some kick in this sauce. The jar and website recommend this as a good sauce for beef so I headed out and got myself a lovely sixteen pound packer cut brisket. 

After some trimming and the injection I got from Mr. Fred Bernardo, I let the brisket sit for four hours before applying my rubs. I used a combo of Fred's BlackBarts and Dizzy Pig's Cow Lick.  I then strapped on my cleats and got this sexy beast into the Big Green Egg.  Had the egg cruising between 265 and 275 with a few handfuls of mesquite for smoke.  Just like my previous brisket post I let the brisket rise to 160 degrees and then transferred it into a turkey pan. At this juncture I pored some beef broth into the pan and let rise to 201 degrees. I  placed the brisket in a cambro for a few hours then separated the point and flat. Chopped up my burnt ends and added the JDickey's Blackberry Habanero and let it go for another 2 hours at 250 degrees.  The resulting burnt ends were some of the best I have ever tasted.

The complex flavor profile this sauce added to my burnt ends was astounding. It was kind of like a symphony, starting out soft and quiet with hints of fresh fruit and ending with a delightful bang from the habanero. This was not an overpowering bang,  but just perfect when mellowed by the cooking process.  We also received a Vinegar Sauce and a Bourbon sauce from south of the Mason Dixon Line (JDickey's is a Maryland based company). Reviews will be posted soon on these sauces but if the Blackberry Habanero is any indication of this man's talents then you people should run, not walk to your computer and order up some of the best sauce on the market.

March 14, 2013


Q'Believers, last week out of the blue we received a message via the Twitterverse from J.Dickey's Sauces customer service extraordinaire Viron asking if we'd be interested in field testing their line of products.  It took me about a nanosecond to click send on my "ABSOLUTELY" message after checking out the website and their funky ass collection of Q sauces.  As you know from following my rants, TRASHAMANIA is not just some cliche BBQ movement!  I've brought science, pop culture and studio wrasslin references into this blog but am most proud of my opining on the ability of BBQ to actually be a healthy means of sustenance.  To say that J.Dickey's commitment to gluten free ingredients and the shunning of high fructose corn syrup intrigued the hell out of me was an understatement!

The Final Great Blizzard of March 2013 was on it way last Friday so I had the TrashWife defrost some beef ribs in anticipation of a SNOW DAY and  hopes of doing a review post for my new Maverick ET-732.  I had planed on putting the Maverick through its paces and comparing it with my IQue 110 and calibrated $10 Turkey Fryer Thermometer installed on my UDS.  The results were all 3 stayed within 4 degrees of each other for over 6 hours and there was not one signal drop from the remote on the Maverick!  I will take that any day!
3 hours into the cook my plan was to scour the net for a new sauce to whip up since I was out of fruit for my Patented and/or Stolen Blueberry BBQ concoction.  Just as I was about to start my search, a Blue Angel (Mr. FedEx Man) braved the storm and dropped off a box from J.Dickey's on my porch!!  To say I was shocked was an understatement since Viron had just shipped the package the afternoon before!  The great BBQer in the sky was making His magic happen and he was helped by some kick ass customer service!

In the shipment was a bottle of Bourbon Sauce, their version of North Carolina Vinegar Sauce dubbed "Maryland" Sauce and the strangest concoction ever to grace the Q'Niverse--Blackberry Habanero!!!!  I figured since we were still in the berry family the SALSA DIABLO would be the way to go on the Flintstones beef bones.  Folks...Truer words have never come from the TrashMan's lips!
Disclaimer: I love spicy foods!  Not like crazy Indian gas mask spice, but some serious open up your nostrils heat.  Out of the jar this sauce is hot.  The sweetness of the berries is amazing and such a compliment for the pepper that you really do not notice the heat after the first taste.  I found myself finger scooping the sauce out of my basting bowl before it even made it to the ribs--it was that good and I had to refill it!  I did a single, standard application of the sauce with about half hour left in the smoke and the glaze turned out very nice as you can see above.  I was shocked how much of the spice seemed to evaporate during the cook giving a very sweet rib with just the hint of kick in the end.

Big Green Mendo brought his Cleat by for a tasting as he "just happened to be in the neighborhood," during the blizzard!  He so enjoyed the sauce that he stole the remaining half bottle and used it on brisket burnt ends during a practice session the next day.  A container of said burnt ends made it to school the next Monday and proceeded to survive about 7 minutes before being totally and completely decimated by Savage High School Educators!

To a man, everyone commented on how flavorful the sauce was and inquired when we would be making more FREE BBQ for the staff slathered in the stuff!  TYWBBQ is seriously kicking around the notion of using this sauce as our go-to base on our competition burnt ends.  If it's good enough for Sloatsburg's Premiere Competition BBQ Team then you can bet your bottom dollar it is Okey Dokey for your pantry any day! Give it a look--you will not be disappointed!

The TrashMan