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May 23, 2013


After chronicling last weeks wildly successful Pineapple Chicken Experiment, we here at TYWBBQ felt the need to do some further investigation of this DJ BBQ character. Who is he, where is he from, how did he get the gig with FHM Magazine and why if he lives in the UK doesn't he speak with all them marbles in his mouth? It sounds like he's speaking honest to goodness American, doesn't it? Check out the video below if you don't believe me!

The Hanging Pigs tracked him down and posed the hard hitting questions that the entire Q'niverse wanted to know. Fire up your pit because inspiration is a coming from Christian Stevenson!
What do you enjoy most about barbecuing food? What got you started?
I love working with fire and wood.  I like the primal aspect of cooking with the elements. It's very caveman.  You also get much better flavor when cooking with different types of wood. I will not cook on a gas BBQ.  To me, there's no point.  You might as well stay indoors.  My father got me started in barbecuing at the age of 8. My dad learned to barbecue from Grandpa and he passed down the knowledge to me.  There are excellent photos of Grandpa BBQ'n in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa.  Grandpa always had loads of ribs and chickens rocking at the same time.

Your smoker looks like a hollowed out steam train! Where the hell did you get that thing?
I watched too many episodes of Man Vs Food.  Seeing what they were building in the States and not being able to find the same in the UK, we had to import our smokers.  We spent last summer researching - every night for 2 months.  We ended up buying three smokers/cookers from the man who builds more championship BBQ's than anyone else in the world - Ben Lang, of Lang’s Smokers.  His smokers are 3rd generation and he's been making ‘em for over 25 years.  He rolls his own 1/4 inch steel. These babies are a family heirloom.
Out of all your recipes, what’s your favorite thing to cook?
There's nothing like shoving a can of beer up a chicken's ass.  But nailing a big ol' slab of brisket where the thick layer of fat caramelizes with the salt and pepper turning it into ‘Texas Foie Gras’.  Then I really like making breakfast and diner food. Chili and Cheese omelettes are one of my favorite things to make and eat.  Wait… Fish TACOS!!!! Love them!

How did you end up getting involved with Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube project?
I was working on a couple pilots with Jamie's production company, Fresh One.  The first one was called ‘GRILLS, GRILLS, GRILLS’.  It was based around interviewing musicians, artists and bands around food.  I cook for them and they cook for me.  And at the end of every show, the band had to do a cover of Motley Crue's ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ but substituting the word, "Grills".  They could also opt to cover Jay-Z song of the same name.  No one picked it up. We then did another pilot that was more in my realm of action sports.  That was positively received and we could be making that one next year.   Then Fresh One was approached about doing an original channel for YouTube.  They asked me if I'd like to do a show for FoodTube.  And now we've produced 11 videos, we have over 200,000 subscribers, and we've had over 150 million views. It's only been 3 months.

You've proved to be one of the most popular chefs taking part in Food Tube. Do you think it is because of what you are cooking, or the unconventional way you go about cooking it?  

Everyone has turned out to be popular.  And a couple of the dudes already had TV/Webshows before coming on to FoodTube.  I guess people relate to a bit of craziness and they like meat.  I'm all about cooking big hunks of meat, but saying that, my FISH TACOS recipe got a lot of love and the most positive comments from the community.  
There you have it fellow flesh mongers! Very interesting stuff from across the pond. We will definitely stay in touch with Christian and who knows, maybe end up in one of his videos! If he lets me man that monstrous mortar of his then we will give him the inside scoop on our secret weapon-- j.Dickey's Blackberry Habanero Sauce! I might even throw in our discount code: TYWBBQ10 for free!!

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May 19, 2013


The Q'Niverse is a big place Kiddies and some people are doing crazy carnivorous things!  This month the TrashWife cut down on her internet purchases from the Tell You What BBQ Official Team Store so the TrashMan was able to pay the cable bill.  That meant the broadband was blazing and it was time to do so Q-SEARCH on the web.  Maybe it is my ADD, but I get bored eating the same meals and doing everything competition style all the time in my Refuse Receptacle.  Every once in a while you gotta cut loose and get funky!  Flavor that is--NOT smell!  My Q-SEARCH proved fruitful, LITERALLY!  Check out the clip below from DJ BBQ on Jamie Oliver's Food Tube.

Any chance to try something new appeals to me when it comes to the Q.  All the hardened competition vets who do the same thing every time and never tweak a thing just don't get it in my opinion. The only thing that stops EVOLUTION is EXTINCTION my friends. TRASHAMANIA is still running wild so I'm still ticking.  DJ BBQ inspired me to fire up the UDS and crack open a cold one from the produce section.  Check out the process from the TYWBBQ R&D lab. 
I did the same cut as described in the video.  Turns out is was about and inch too high from my smoker even on the low grate since this particular model has a hinged, flat lid.  After chopping off a bit at the top it fit just fine.
I went bare-bones on this cook as I was just interested in how the pineapple added to the mix.  All I did was coat the yard bird in EVOO and applied a light rub of Dizzy Pig Tsunami Spin.  4.5 hours on the redneck microwave using hickory chunks was all it took.  4 hours would have been fine but the TrashWife is a germ and pink-meatophobe so she insists everything be overcooked--she has broken me at this point so I left it on for 30 extra minutes!  As a control I did a package of 4 thighs exactly the same without the rub for about 2 hours.
I just had to include this pic...not sure in the chickadee was giving birth to that pineapple or dumping it out!!  You decide Q'Believer!! See...told you gettin funky was fun!
Our boy Rob from Chicken Chokers BBQ Team dropped us a line on Facebook saying he was diggin the color.  Who am I to argue with a brother in arms?!?  He should have tasted it--even better. You could definitely get some of the fruit notes towards the thighs and bottom of the breast and the smell through out the bird was excellent.  Even with the prerequisite spouse directed vaporization of the bird it was still damn juicy.  I would strongly suggest that you Old Skewl BBQ guys save a beer and let the chicken ride a pineapple next time!  Big thanks to DJ BBQ for putting me on the path with this one!!

The TrashMan

May 3, 2013

J.Dickey's Update

The words "Boy the Cleat sure didn't eat a lot tonight" have most likely never been spoken. That being said, I consider myself a good judge of food, not only because I consume copious amounts of food, but because I try every thing on the table. If I haven't seen it or heard of it, Gimme Some!!!!  So I usually respect the opinion of others with healthy appetites. It just so happens that I share an office with two gentlemen of generous proportions.  These two amount to just over 13ft and close to 600 lbs of human. Universal laws would suggest that your typical calorie counting chart does not directly apply in this situation. My burnt ends with the J.Dickey's Blackberry Habanero  sauce were well received in my office and the boys quickly used the new link on Tell You What BBQ to get some of their own sauces. 

"The Piper" made leftover roasted turkey into delicious sandwiches for himself and the family with a smattering of the Cranberry Habanero  sauce.  We will be making those in the office soon!!! Piper has also reported putting the same sauce on roasted chicken as well. Loved It!!!  "Gentle J" went in a completely different direction. After broiling some Tilapia he broke out some of J.Dickey's Maryland sauce. His family loved it!!! The Maryland sauce complimented the fish so well he is planning another trip to the fish store. Several more of our friends have purchased sauces and we are waiting to see how creative they get. Like I said in my original post "Run, Don't walk to your computer and order some of J.Dickeys Sauce!!!" Don't forget to tell them Tell You What BBQ sent you!!!! Use our coupon code TYWBBQ10 and receive 10%  off on your purchase. EAT and Enjoy